Why you should skip breakfast today


Everyone loves a good breakfast be it cereal, eggs on toast or a curry (yes that’s also possible). Skipping breakfast and possibly lunch if you can handle it, or dinner and breakfast the next day has been suggested to boost your health and improve your metabolism. A study done on mice showed that skipping feeding led to leaner mice than non-skipped ones.

Skipping meals has also been shown to increase lifespan. There are a number of reasons why this occurs. One is the reduced oxygen utilisation or oxidative stress that occurs. Simply put, no food means no digestion, which means no chemical reactions occurring to breakdown food, so a lower chance of your body producing free radicals. Minimising the occurrence of free radicals in the body is a good thing. Free radicals are molecules that damage cells in the body. So we definitely don’t want these.

For those who don’t eat breakfast…

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