Miley Cyrus

Today, i read another open letter to Miley by someone in her early twenties trying to advice Miley.

I’m not going to defend Miley but i think she is going thru a phase and trying to sell records. We all have heard the saying “sex sells” so she is selling sex,but isn’t selling it in the most dignified manner, Christina Aguleria had her dirty album phase ,now she has a child, gained weight and lost the weight,  trying to sell records (does anyone know if she has any music out?)…

I read also that the Kardashians shows’ ratings have dropped drastically,after a 9 year reign. Some celebrites have children and don’t want to post pictures but sooner or later they will have to take out the blanket covers(babies have to breathe). Point here is, what ever is hidden will come out, what goes up most come down..#toungeoutMiely.

I want to Chastise Wendy Williams for one time on her show thinking that because Miley’s mum supports her, it kind of makes it Okay, What Miley is doing is not okay, I’m not saying that teenagers all over the world are oblivious or stay away from sex, but when you are in the public eye there are some people who look up to you and want to see a role model, Parents want to know that Miley isn’t going to inspire their kids to go around naked.

Miley your not a prostitute, but you keep dressing like one. You have a good voice, but i don’t need to see you naked on a wrecking ball to know that. You need to know that Sinead didn’t wish you harm or shame but wanted to see you in a better light.

Cover up Miley, put some real clothes on. Show some class.Respect your body, your mind. Show something other than your body to the fans who have been there for you since back in those day.#Disney.

From a 21 year old Nigerian.




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