if dreams were horses…..

I’m 21, currently in my final year studying pharmacy at a university.

I’m scared.

Today i saw a list of the richest people in Africa and taut to myself i couldn’t be on that list,not me. I would like to sulk and be sad but guess what i am okay with who i am ,and hope to God that i become someone great, Honestly its not about the richest person, i don’t need to tell you what its truly about, you know within you what it is.

I want to share some of the Careers i have aspired to have and why.

A Writer- I love the way writes play with words, allow you go to a place you haven’t been, change your frame of taught. their description on emotions or the strength that is displayed only through words, passion, Stories of love and places that can only exist in euphoria of the mind.

A Fashion Designer- to make clothes that make people look clean and well put. to design something that makes you the center of attention at an event. To be able to make clothes that make you feel confident and allows you play with your body.

A pianist- i love the sound of music, the journey it takes you on, the connection you feel with each note that is played. the combination of different keys that delights as it calms. The brilliance of a well written master piece.

A photographer- to capture in a picture moments that can’t be described, like tears that can’t said, happiness that can’t be expressed, pain that can’t be felt. to show people places they could go, bring imagination to life. A kiss at the effiel tower, a bungee jumper before the fall.

A Doctor- filled with so much knowledge about the body, knowledge of what is going on with my patient. A helper to humanity as a whole, make ground breaking discoveries, believe that you could be leave a footprint in the sands of time,maybe do surgery that has never been done, discover a disease that may cure millions.

A Prostitute-………….body image issues……

A Cleaner- like those make over shows, i could turn dirt into diamonds. change the look of a place. where you felt fresh being in a room, you felt comfortable and clean whenever you were in a space.

A Lawyer- so i could make my voice heard, give my opinion and always be in the position to do the right thing and require that the right thing be done. To help a victim of rape,fight for her right.To vindicate prisoners who have no fault but trying to make some money selling bread on the street. To help someone get a visa in pursuit for greener pastures. To fight for better healthcare for the poor.

A hair Maker- stylist or weavologist, to make women feel like they look good from hair to toe. Top to bottom. i don’t know how many people feel great when their hair look great but never forget that I am not my hair, I am the soul that leaves within.

A Minister- To inspire people with the word of God, for them to know heaven and the path heaven. To uplift, encourage and pray, to know and feel that there is someone greater than me, bigger than the leader of the free world.

A professional driver- to feel a rush like never before, to look forward to a competition. To move with speed,run as fast as i can, roaring engines that make you smile.

i wish i new the best way to end this post but i don’t. 




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